We have been engaging in dogs for years with very good results.

In the past we prefered guard dogs for a long time. 13337_1113949220466_1578999645_262528_5064794_n.jpg

Besidesit we wanted to have another type of dogs who should be combed, who is graceful and its appearance is so lovely.  
Checking these features we found one of the most beautiful type of dogs as afghan greyhound which meet our requirements. It was love at the first sight!
We purchase our first dog on 19. 08. 2005. It was not a conscious choice, since we found selling puppies there. We had our first dog was called  Fan-Fell Rasta Reggie ’Yazid’.
Yazid was a very beautiful, nice and intelligent dog so we wanted to have a couple for him and started to find another one. On this way we found a polish kennel called Calamus, so in 2007 we had a chance to have Calamus True Lady, who is a loved member of our family. You can establish a kennel with two dogs so in 2006 we had a name of our kennel as  Szitár al Fidda.
We thought to have many afghan greyhounds, but of course none of them will be the same as the first one, ’Yazid’ whose name was the same as our kennel.
Arebian meaning of Szitár al Fidda is  „silver veil”.